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Event Information

Tuesday - Wednesday
April 23 - April 24

         Day 1: 10:00AM-5:00PM               Day 2: 9:00AM-3:00PM


Castaway Burbank 


Springhill Suites Los Angeles Burbank


Please contact Ashley with any questions.

By the end of the SPRING Convening, you will have:

  • Reflected on your Annual Improvement Design for 2018-19 (focus on Round 2) and synthesized your key learning from this year

  • Articulated plans for moving the work forward (whether it's on your own or in CALLI 201)

Year 3 Panel One Pager

The Opportunity Myth

We’ve been telling students that doing well in school creates opportunities—that showing up, doing the work, and meeting teachers’ expectations will prepare them for their futures. Unfortunately, that’s a myth. This research-based resource uses the voice of students to show us how schools are letting them down and how to fix it.

TNTP’s Student Experience Toolkit

The Student Experience Toolkit offers resources for adults at every level of the education system. Browse resources designed to help educators, policymakers, and families improve students’ daily experiences in school.

Student Experience Assessment Guide

This resource is a how-to guide for systematically gauging the quality of your students’ daily academic experience.

Assignment Review Protocol

Use these content-specific protocols to assess the quality of assignments that students are asked to complete. (Protocols are available for math, ELA, science, and social studies.)

Student Work Library

Learn to distinguish between high and low-quality assignments. The Student Work Library rates over 70 assignments on how well they align to college and career-ready standards.

Instructional Practice Guide

The Instructional Practice Guide (IPG) is an observation tool that is designed around the shifts in instructional practice required by college-and career-ready standards. It focuses on observing Core Actions that support high-quality and standards-aligned instruction in action.

TNTP Presentations at CALLI Convenings

Districts can repurpose these TNTP designed content from previous convenings to support teacher and leader understanding of the Common Core shifts and standards.

Strategic Planning Vs. Strategy

Districts can use this chart to assess whether they are developing a strategic plan or a dynamic strategy that supports true, systems-wide change.