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All students, including ELs, demonstrate grade level literacy when stakeholders use data to improve instruction, create an engaging environment and sustain personal growth mindset.

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Team MemberEmail
Barbara Ganter (lead)
Robyn Gibbs


         Vision Objective

By June 2018, all Teacher Leaders in Leadership Network will have evidence of improved academic discourse through one or all of the following: 1) transcribed/recorded conversations; 2) evidence of understanding gathered through teacher questioning (funnel/focus), 3) improved writing samples

         Content Objective

By June 2018, through Leadership Network (meeting 4X/yr), Teacher Leaders and SSC’s receive targeted instruction in strategies for surface, deep and transfer.  Coaching sessions are designed to support LN Teachers using these strategies that are scaffolded for ELs

         Process Objective

By June 2018, each school creates a Site Implementation Plan to address the goals of Leadership Network.  Teacher Leaders and SSCs work with grade/content area teams to extend resources, understandings and strategies to all teachers