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Friday, June 16th, 2017




Zoom Virtual Call Link:


Each team is invited to bring any number of members of their district that are responsible for professional learning in the academic language space. 


  • Identify significant aspects of high quality writing

  • Explore the standards to identify the highest leverage aspects of writing and prompts

  • Examine student work to norm around “high quality” as defined by the standards

  • Consider a high leverage change through a consultancy protocol


Welcome & Introductions

The Connection between Reading & Writing

Defining High Quality Writing

Implementing a Strong Writing Task with ALL Students



This is an incredible opportunity to include district members outside of the Leadership Team to gain critical knowledge around the shifts necessary for supporting high quality writing in ALL classrooms!

About the Experts

Kaycee Eckhardt, Project Director with TNTP, began her teaching career in Japan, working with both high school and grades K-2, before joining the founding team of a school in Post-Katrina 9th Ward of New Orleans; students left her classroom averaging more than 3.5 years of reading growth. She was named Louisiana Charter School Teacher of the Year in 2009, was an America Achieves Fellow and Hope Street Group Fellow, was a keynote speaker at the 2011 Big Ideas Fest, and was featured in the documentary, “School Works - The Committed Teacher.” She has worked for Student Achievement Partners, The Dept. of Education, Noble Street, TFA, KIPP, the New York Regents, PARCC, PCG, NSNO, Odell Education, and several other organizations on effective literacy instruction, sustainable teacher practice, strong curriculum, access to content in diverse classrooms, and equitable education for all children. She published a memoir of her teaching experiences entitled Katrina's Sandcastles. She currently works full time at TNTP as the Literacy Director of the Good to Great Institute, in addition to collaborating on number of other projects.

As a project director at TNTP, Sara Bokhari works on developing programs and policies to support the development of early career teachers, strengthening district and central office expertise in Common Core aligned instruction, and supporting internal TNTP staff in developing management skills related to cross cultural agility. Sara began her career in education over a decade ago as a 5th grade teacher in New York City, where she also completed her M.Ed. from Bank Street College of Education. Her dedication to education has taken her around the world – from teaching at an NGO school for street children in Rawalpindi, Pakistan to Washington, D.C. as a Policy Fellow at the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Sara has a MBA, focused on strategic management and public policy, from The George Washington University and is a 2016 Leadership for Educational Equity Public Leaders Fellow. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and energetic young son.

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