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Principle 1: Standards, Assessment, and Instruction

CORE's Standards, Assessment, and Instruction team is working together to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and math.


Principle 2: School Support and Accountability

CORE's School Support and Accountability team is working together to effectively transition to a new accountability and support system. This system is a holistic approach to school improvement rooted in the moral imperative that the school community has a collective responsibility to prepare all students for college and careers. 

Principle 3: Professional Capital

CORE's Professional Capital team is working to together to create a collaborative environment for districts to develop, support, and empower great teachers and school leaders. Ultimately, our goal is fully-aligned and rigorous talent development systems, including preparation, recruitment, professional support systems, educator evaluation, and succession planning.

CORE-PACE Research Partnership

This research partnership is focused on producing research that informs continuous improvement in the CORE Districts and policy in California and beyond. In this role, PACE will conduct original qualitative and quantitative analysis and will manage the research and analytics by partners using CORE data to ensure that the portfolio of work is cohesive and meaningful to the districts. As part of this research partnership, PACE will engage a network of university-based researchers across the state to conduct research projects of mutual interest. Our vision is that together we can make California a destination for world-class research and can simultaneously transform the way research is conducted in the state, by creating a process that dramatically accelerates research timelines and ensuring that products are meaningful and well communicated to decision-makers.

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