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Resources For The Local Improvement Projects

Topics for Local Improvement Projects

  • Lesson planning for a particular type of math lesson (e.g., rich task, conceptual math instruction)
  • Implementation of a particular instructional strategy (e.g., from Culturally Responsive Teaching)
  • Teacher collaboration protocol
  • Common use of a particular type of instructional material
  • Implementation of a particular coaching protocol

CORE Improvement Community Overview Slides (updated 6.28.17)

Videos about Improvement that Can be Used in Onboarding


About this video

Quality Improvement in health care – how this all started:

A valuable ten-minute video that provides a broad overview for entering into quality improvement work.  Highly recommended for onboarding training.

SAIC Principals Discuss the Benefits of Improvement Science and the Power of Networks:

Nancy Carnevale and Michele Savage are principals of Delaware middle schools that participate in Carnegie’s Student Agency Improvement Community (SAIC) network. SAIC brings together researchers and practitioners to build the interventions, tools, measures, and practices necessary to develop students’ academic mindsets and learning strategies.

In this interview, Nancy and Michele discuss the benefits of working in the SAIC network. They note the value in collaborating with other network members and using improvement science to identify and test effective strategies that can be spread with confidence.

Learning to improve:  

When Anthony Bryk became president of Carnegie, he set the Foundation to work on a new agenda, to lead the transformation of educational research. Here Tony and his colleagues explain the Foundation’s work and vision for the future.

Building a Teacher Effectiveness Network:

Austin Principal John Rocha takes us through how a K-12-focused Carnegie program immersed district leaders and school principals in rapid, small tests of change to improve the quality of feedback and support that new teachers receive.

Finding Solutions Together: Quantway:

James Willis, a member of the Carnegie Math Pathways Networked Improvement Community (NIC), describes the importance of social connections within the NIC as a key resource for innovation diffusion and support.

Local Action Team Rhythm and Meeting Templates


Plan-Do-Study-Act Tools and Templates

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