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  • CORE SEL Pilot Instructions for School Staff

CORE SEL Pilot Instructions for School Staff | Status: FINAL

Panorama Education

Instructional guide for School Staff when administering Student SEL Surveys.

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Administering Student SEL Surveys: Instructions for School Staff



On the designated survey day, please use the following protocol to administer student social-emotional learning (SEL) surveys. If you have any questions, please contact Panorama Education , the organization that is managing the survey administration process : support +CORE@ .


  1. Distribute survey envelopes to students using the names shown through the windows of each envelope. Once all students have received their forms, please instruct them to open their envelopes and remove the survey, then discard the envelope and the cover sheet with their name on it. This will ensure that their survey responses remain confidential to others at the school.
    1. If you discover that forms are missing before the survey is administered, please contact Panorama Education: .
    2. Please do not photocopy any survey forms. Additional survey forms with no name will be included in the batch of forms for your classroom.  These can be given to students in your class who do not have a form that corresponds to their name. 


  1. Explain to students the purpose of the student survey:

“Today you will be taking a survey about how you approach your classes and how you interact with others. The results of this survey will give us feedback that helps us improve our school, so please respond honestly. There are no wrong answers, and once you have discarded the cover sheet with your name on it, neither I nor anyone else in the school will be able to identify your responses. Your responses will not impact your grades in any way.”


  1. Oversee students completing the survey:
    1. Please stand in one place in the classroom where you can see all students (to monitor behavior) but where you cannot see students’ responses. Please do not circulate, as this may make students concerned about the confidentiality of their responses and lead them to respond differently.
    2. Please do not read the survey aloud to students.  Each student should read and respond to the survey independently.*
    3. If a student has a question, feel free to define a word that they do not understand, but please do not reinterpret an entire statement or answer a question in a way that may influence their answer.  If the student is still having trouble, simply ask them to answer as best they can.


  1. *Offer appropriate accommodations to students with special needs:
    1. When taking the survey, students with special needs should be offered accommodations consistent with their IEP. Such accommodations may include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Student is given additional time to complete the survey
      2. Survey is read aloud by a staff member
      3. Reponses are filled in by another staff member on behalf of the student
    1. Please note, in the case of (ii) and (iii) above, the staff member assisting the student with the survey should not be the student’s primary or core subject teacher. Primary and core subject teachers will be asked to complete similar surveys about student’s behavior, and seeing a student’s own responses could bias the results of the teacher survey.


  1. When students finish the survey, please instruct them to complete a quiet activity at their desks until all other students have finished.


  1. Collect all student survey forms.
    1. Please have students discard the envelope and the cover sheet with their names.
    2. Please collect all completed survey forms (2 front-and-back pages per student), and deliver these to your school’s central office or survey coordinator.
    3. Please shred any unused forms. (Unused forms do not need to be returned to Panorama).




Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we administering these surveys?

As you know, our district believes that student success goes beyond academic test scores. To that end, we are exploring ways to incorporate measures of student social-emotional competencies and school climate/culture into our new school accountability system.  In piloting these SEL surveys, we are testing out new measures of students’ social-emotional development that are being considered for inclusion in our district’s school accountability system in 2015-16. For more information about the pilot, please visit: .


As part of this pilot, you will also be asked to assess your students’ social-emotional competencies through a confidential, individualized survey. (You will receive an email with the link to this online survey shortly if you haven’t already.) The results of the students and teacher surveys will have no bearing on students’ grades or on teacher evaluations; rather, they will be used to refine the assessments themselves.


Can I explain the survey items further for students who ask questions?

You may answer clarifying questions, but please do not reinterpret any survey questions for students.  For example, you may define any unknown words used in the survey, but you should not rephrase a whole question or statement for students. If a student still has questions, please advise him/her to answer to the best of his/her ability or, if necessary, to leave the question blank.


What should I do for students that are absent on the day the survey is given?

Please set aside the forms for any students who are absent on the day the surveys are given.  If time is available, please make arrangements to give the survey to students that missed the original survey day. Please remember to administer the survey using the protocol described above.  

Why are the questions on the surveys in my classroom different between students?

In order to test a variety of survey questions without making the survey longer for each student, we have created multiple forms of the student survey. Within your class, some students may have one survey form while others have a different form.


What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to email Panorama Education ( ) with any additional questions.


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