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As determined in conversations with CORE research leads and the CORE Board, there are two kinds of research that will be managed by PACE under the CORE-PACE Research Partnership: 1) Projects enacted by central partners (PACE, Education Analytics, Transforming Education, the Center for Education Policy and Research at Harvard) that advance understanding and use of CORE-developed measures and the School Quality Improvement Index; and 2) Proposals for research work by PACE-affiliates and other organizations to answer a broader set of questions of importance for continuous improvement and policy making. The projects by central partners are covered in existing agreements to support the measurement work and operational use by CORE districts, but all additional studies will require explicit approval from each district to proceed, with approval of the research portfolio by the CORE Board once annually. More information on these two kinds of studies, with qualitative and quantitative components, along with action items for each, are detailed in the table below. Please note that researchers leading approved projects will host webinars to provide opportunities for greater involvement in the development of the research questions and analysis plan. All proposals, presentations, and documents are posted (follow the links for each study below).


 Using Existing Data in CORE Data SystemOriginal Data Collection Needed
Studies by Central Partners on SQII Measurement and Use

SQII studies on measurement and use

▪ Ongoing study and support of CORE’s Networked Improvement Community
Research by Affiliated Partners

 ▪Quantitative studies by PACE-affiliates to support continuous improvement and policy making

SEL texting study (conversation ongoing)

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