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Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Rubric | Rating (star)(star)(star)(star)

National College of School Leadership

This implementation rubric helps you see where colleagues think you are as a professional learning community (PLC) as they reflect on different criteria related to specific characteristics and processes of PLCs.

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How Might You Use This Rubric?
  • Individual staff members complete the rubric privately and give it to a designated person or team who collate(s) responses and feed(s) these back to the staff for discussion
  • Individual staff members complete the rubric before sharing and discussing their responses with each other
  • Small groups complete the rubric together and then compare, summarize, reflect upon and discuss their responses. This could culminate in a process that identifies group differences and similarities which may pose as the catalyst for healthy dialogue




Overall Rating from Community: (star)(star)(star)(star)
  • Facilitators of School Pairings
  • Facilitators of Communities of Practice
  • School Pairings community members
  • Communities of Practice community members
  • Principle 2 members
  • CORE community
  • Those interested in Professional Learning (PLC)





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