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  • Research Findings

This report shares learning from the first year of implementation of the CORE Improvement Community, with an eye toward sharing lessons with others looking to implement similar approaches.

          Using CORE’s student surveys on social-emotional learning from 2015-16, this paper presents validity and reliability evidence of the survey instruments.

   This continuous improvement brief highlights how Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) developed and utilized its data dashboard and the principles of Improvement Science to increase college access for their students. 

  • Using Surveys of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and School Climate (CC) for Accountability and Continuous Improvement

    This report and accompanying policy brief show that there is good reason to pursue the measurement of SEL and CC as a way to better understand student and school performance. CORE’s SEL and CC measures demonstrate reliability and validity, distinguish between schools, are related to other academic and non-academic measures, and also illuminate dimensions of student achievement that go beyond traditional academic and non-academic indicators. We also show how the SEL and CC measures can be used to identify areas of improvement within schools, such as identifying subgroup gaps or conflicts in CC reports from different respondent groups. District-specific reports present key results by district, highlighting particular schools where the data suggest improvement is needed.

  • Expanding the definition of student success  

    This case study by CORE partner Transforming Education provides an in-depth discussion of how social-emotional competencies—a key component of the CORE Districts’ holistic data system—were prioritized and assessed.

  • Using Chronic Absence in a Multi-Metric Accountability System

    This policy memo shows that chronic absence is feasible for inclusion in California’s accountability measurement system using the state’s approach for rating school achievement based on outcome and improvement, or alternatively through an approach that simply looks at performance in a given school year. 

  • The CORE districts and deeper learning

    In this brief, the Gardner Center uses the work of the CORE Districts as a case study to explore deeper learning and its importance to educational equity and the goal of college and career and civic readiness for all public school youth.

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