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NameRoleEmailPhone Number
Michael ReimerPrincipalreimerm@sfusd.edu415.902.8414
Jeannie PonAssistant Superintendentponj@sfusd.edu415.710.1274
Rena FrantzTeacher/RTI Coordinatorfrantzr@sfusd.edu415.334.2134
David WatsonTeacherwatsond@sfusd.edu509.264.7894
Whitney MarshTeachermarshw@sfusd.edu415.690.7810
Traci GholarPrincipaltraci.gholar@lausd.net323.241.4012
Sara LeimbachTeacher



Leyanna RichardAssistant Principallrr0126@lausd.net323.241.4004
Taza PackSPED Support Providertlp6672@lausd.net323.241.4038
Evelia PereaTitle III Instructional Coachexr4709@lausd.net323.241.4000

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File Next steps....rtf Oct 09, 2014 by Sara Leimbach

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  1. Awesome job editing your page Whitney Marsh (smile)

  2. I just posted my thoughts from this week above! But, I can't upload the power points from our buy back days because it says they are too large.  I will see if I can figure out if there is a way to compress them.

    GO TEAM!

  3. Awesome, Sara! We will definitely help get that Blog started at blogger.com. I think we could build it out where each department has it's own page within the blog!

    1. Ohhh, That would be cool, I mentioned it to the kids and they were amped!