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This is an incredible opportunity to include district members outside of the Leadership Team to gain critical knowledge around the shifts necessary for supporting academic discourse in ALL classrooms!


The purpose of the site visit consultancy is to provide cross-district learnings to support the effective design and implementation of processes for building the capacity of teachers to cultivate academic student discourse in all classrooms.

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About the Expert

Steven Weiss is a Senior Research Associate at Understanding Language/SCALE at Stanford. His work includes managing the Stanford ELL Leadership Network, a collaboration between 7 small to medium sized school districts in Northern California focused on developing leadership capacity around English Learners. Prior to joining Understanding Language/SCALE, he worked at the Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) program at WestEd, where he was a professional developer and instructional coach of secondary teachers and administrators in urban school districts such as New York City, Austin, San Diego and San Jose. He has also worked as a K-8 school administrator, a bilingual/ESL resource teacher, and a high school Spanish/History/ESL teacher. Steven is bilingual in Spanish. He holds a M.Ed. from U.C.L.A., an M.A. in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University and an M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury College.




Inquiry Cycle Journey                                                       Discourse Analysis

CALLIInquiryCycleJourney.pdf                           ConversationNeeds.pdf

Crafting an Exemplar Student Response             

CraftinganExemplarResponse.pdf           Lawndale's Presentation & Other Materials         

Content Expert Thought Partners

Conversation Analysis Tool            Powerpoint Presentation     

Conversation Analysis Tool for Spring 2015 CCC (1).pdf                         New_CALLI_Lawndale_March2017_v1.pdf

High School Conversation                High School Conversation Analysis Model            

CCCHighSchoolConversationExample.pdf                           CCCHighSchoolExpertAnalysis.pdf                                             

Middle School Conversation             Middle School Conversation Analysis Model

CCCMiddleSchoolExpertAnalysis.pdf                            CCCMiddleSchoolConversationExample.pdf


5th Grade Conversation                    5th Grade Conversation Analysis Model

CCCFifthGradeConversationExample.pdf                           CCCFifthGradeConversationExpertAnalysis.pdf


Communicativeness Design & Observation Tool


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