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DateThursday, April 27th, 2017



Red Bluff


Each team will be invited to bring up to 5 members of their district that are responsible for teacher PD in the Academic Language space. We suggest there is at least one person that overlaps between the leadership team (those that attend convenings) and the group that comes to the Opt-In (for coherence sake). 

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This is an incredible opportunity to include district members outside of the Leadership Team to gain critical knowledge around the shifts necessary for supporting high quality writing in ALL classrooms!


Build district leader's capacity to develop structures for their teachers to develop high quality writing across classrooms.

Essential Questions: 

  • What is "high quality writing" and how do we know?
  • What are the instructional moves which cultivate high quality writing? (e.g.: task, student discourse, etc.)
  • How can we cultivate "high quality writing" in our classrooms at the systems level?

About the Expert

As a project director at TNTP, Sara Bokhari works on developing programs and policies to support the development of early career teachers, strengthening district and central office expertise in Common Core aligned instruction, and supporting internal TNTP staff in developing management skills related to cross cultural agility. Sara began her career in education over a decade ago as a 5th grade teacher in New York City, where she also completed her M.Ed. from Bank Street College of Education. Her dedication to education has taken her around the world – from teaching at an NGO school for street children in Rawalpindi, Pakistan to Washington, D.C. as a Policy Fellow at the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Sara has a MBA, focused on strategic management and public policy, from The George Washington University and is a 2016 Leadership for Educational Equity Public Leaders Fellow. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and energetic young son.




Inquiry Cycle Journey                                                       Discourse Analysis

CALLIInquiryCycleJourney.pdf                           ConversationNeeds.pdf

Crafting an Exemplar Student Response             

CraftinganExemplarResponse.pdf           Lawndale's Presentation & Other Materials         

Content Expert Thought Partners

Conversation Analysis Tool            Powerpoint Presentation     

Conversation Analysis Tool for Spring 2015 CCC (1).pdf                         New_CALLI_Lawndale_March2017_v1.pdf

High School Conversation                High School Conversation Analysis Model            

CCCHighSchoolConversationExample.pdf                           CCCHighSchoolExpertAnalysis.pdf                                             

Middle School Conversation             Middle School Conversation Analysis Model

CCCMiddleSchoolExpertAnalysis.pdf                            CCCMiddleSchoolConversationExample.pdf


5th Grade Conversation                    5th Grade Conversation Analysis Model

CCCFifthGradeConversationExample.pdf                           CCCFifthGradeConversationExpertAnalysis.pdf


Communicativeness Design & Observation Tool


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