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These guidelines around reimbursements should help you make travel plans for the three times we will come together in this launch phase.  

Below, you’ll find instructions for submitting for reimbursement, which you’ll do at the end of the launch phase (between May 11th and May 30th).  Here is a list of reimbursable items and amounts, as well as clarification around what we will not be able to cover:   

We do reimburse for…

  • Flights booked to arrive the evening before a meeting and leave the day the meeting finishes

  • Car rental for a whole district (not individuals)

  • Meals up to $25 (when a meal is not provided by California Education Partners)


We don’t reimburse for…

  • Flights that leave a day or further away from the end of the meeting (e.g. a meeting ends Friday, you cannot book a flight for Saturday or the days after)

  • Travel insurance

  • Extra bags

  • Early check in for flights

  • Using airline credit to book flights


We suggest you book your flights more than 2 weeks in advance to keep costs low.  If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out (preferably before purchasing if possible).

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