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For the February to May launch process, a superintendent, along with key representatives of the district and its schools (teams of 3-5 educators) develop the foundation for the multi-year improvement work. This team should have some consistency with the Leadership Team that continues the work in the fall.

After the launch, each district nominates its own improvement leadership team of 5-7 educators who design and champion the work for their schools comprised fo the following:

SponsorEach district's work is led by the Superintendent, who acts as the "Sponsor" for the systems improvement work. Each district includes all schools in its work or the subset of schools involved in its shared challenge space (i.e. high schools; middle schools; grades 3-5; etc.)
LeadThe sponsor acts as or supports a "Team Lead" who is the primary liaison to Ed Partners and facilitates the systems improvement work
Leadership TeamThe leadership team is comprised of 5-7 individuals (including the sponsor and lead) who represent a cross-section of perspectives on a system (i.e. teacher, coach, principal, district administrator) who attend the improvement leadership meetings and act as the improvement ambassadors to all participating sites

The focus of the classroom and system level shifts you articulated in your launch work should guide you in the makeup of your team—that is, the people responsible for the improvement areas should be those whom you bring to the improvement leadership meetings. In order to continue to build the context, relationships, and understanding of each other's work that makes the Improvement Collaborations a powerful learning experience, plan to bring a consistent team to the Fall, Winter, and Spring improvement leadership meetings. Please ensure each individual team member is committed to all three two-day  leadership convenings, and will be working in a role that directly relates to your improvement areas.

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