Oceanside Unified VisionAll students will demonstrate their thinking, both verbally and in writing, to show understanding of their learning. 

Oceanside Unified is a special place, working hard to push their vision for Common Core Math implementation forward. Check out the below information to gain quick insight into the incredible work their team is doing. Thank you to Eric and Mandy for showcasing their district to our community! 


In this 2nd grade classroom, students were expected to use arrays to discover how many different ways they could create a classroom with 20 desks. Students were encouraged to find multiple different representations and share their reasoning with others. In the Common Core State Standards, arrays are introduced in Kindergarten with the 10 frame and utilized throughout Elementary School to assist in proficiency with multiplication, division, and later fractions.  



Middle School: 

In this 6th grade classroom, students were asked to create expressions in order to discover who owned the most land in each section. Students were provided pieces of “land” to assist in using what they knew to solve new problems while simultaneously looking for rules and patterns. 



SMP Highlight: 

The Standards for Mathematical Practices were alive and customized in all classrooms! Students actively engage with their SfMP worksheet which remains in the middle of their 4 desk pod. Below is a tool created by one Middle School teacher.


#1: I can solve problems without giving up                                           #2: I can think about numbers in many ways                                       #3: I can explain my thinking and try to understand others             #4: I can show my work in many ways                                                       #5: I use math tools and explain why I used them                                 #6: I can work carefully and check my work                                   #7: I can use what I know to solve new problems                           #8: I can solve problems by looking for rules and patterns                                          


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