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Andrew Molina

While earning his Masters in Computer Science, Andrew Molina (affectionately called Mo) discovered the and took Design for Extreme Affordability, working to increase access to speech therapy for kids with cleft palates and lips in rural Ecuador, a project he has continued and is currently working on (ask him about it!) Now, Mo is the Teaching Fellow for Design for Extreme Affordability, focusing on Team Dynamics. He's also a coach for the K12 Lab's School Retool program, helping principals start small to create real change in their schools, amongst other workshops that he facilitates. Outside of work, Mo likes to climb rocks, is learning to play guitar, and love playing games (board games, card games, made-up games, you name it).

Design & Innovation Institute V

October 2016

Design & Innovation Institute VI

March 2017

Day 1 Powerpoint

Day 1 Powerpoint

Ariel Raz

Two days before launching a falafel truck with his best friend Seth, Ariel hastily chose to join Teach for America and left his life in the Bay Area for adventures in the Bayou State.  With dreams of working in the food industry put on pause, he turned his attention to teaching math to a rambunctious crew of middle schoolers in St. Bernard Parish. They taught him Zydeco dance moves and how to eat crawfish; he taught them fractions and algebra using a game or two.

The Bayou adventure led Ariel to Chicago, where he helped open a charter school in the South Side. Equipped with more chromebooks and iPads than hands to carry them, Ariel was curious to come up with ways to get the most out of the latest and greatest technological tools. That led him to the Stanford School of Education, where he studies Learning, Design & Technology.

Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis is the current director of lesson study research projects funded by NSF and IES and is a senior research scientist at Mills College. Catherine comes from four generations of public school teachers. Fluent in Japanese, she has conducted research in Japanese and U.S. schools for 25 years. Her writings and videotapes, including Lesson Study: A Handbook of Teacher-Led Instructional Change and 'Can You Lift 100 Kilograms?' have introduced many U.S. educators to lesson study. A graduate of Harvard University (B.A.) and Stanford University (Ph.D.), she  is the author of more than 40 publications on elementary education and child development, including the award-winning book Educating Hearts and Minds: Reflections on Japanese Preschool and Elementary Education (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

Convening IX

January 2016

Dinuba Lesson Study Opt-in

April 2016

Dr. Takahashi & Dr. Lewis' Powerpoint

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