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Virtual Learning Opportunity - December 5, 2014  3:30-5:00 PST

Webinar hosted by WestEd with presenter Jeanpaul Lapid.

Join colleagues for the first of four interactive webinars focusing on the development of academic language and extended academic discourse strategies particularly for English learners. The first webinar will highlight and support the key ideas and themes of “Effective Expressions” as stated in the CA ELA and ELD Framework for TK-12th grade educators regarding the purpose, routines and procedures of a structured academic conversation and extended academic discourse in the classroom for English Learners. This learning event sets the stage for the next three webinars that are a deeper dive into strategies targeted to grade spans and/or subject areas reflected in schools’ problems of practice.



  Realizing Opportunities for English Learners in the Common Core English Language Arts and Disciplinary Literacy Standards
  Mathematics, the Common Core, and Language
  What Does Text Complexity Mean for English Learners and Language Minority Students?
  What is the Development of Literacy the Development Of?


These archived webinars are recommended for anyone seeking more information on strategies for English Learners. (coming soon)


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