Highlights from the Community

“What I learned was the importance of the shifts. I knew they were important, but I never reflected on how utterly important they are for the students. What pushed my thinking is, in my role as a coach in the district, how do I influence a teacher and scaffold them to value the same importance I do".

“We have to empower every teacher in our district to give every student access and help all students feel ‘I can make a mistake, but I persevere and keep learning’ and to give every student access to complex text - by giving them that access they will feel like they are worthy and they can learn".

“Why focus on the Shifts? Because that is what is expected of our students, so we have to start there when building our instruction. What are the expectation for students and how are we going to help ALL students meet those expectations, because they can, given the right instructional environment and the right tools".

“The shifts really bring focus to why we do what we do for student learning. Today really drove home that point of intentionality in our instructional moves and how one step builds on the other for “both and” literacy instruction".

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