Our Partnership

The Schools Collaboration and Leadership Expansion project (SCALE Up) is a collaborative partnership comprised of six small, rural Central Valley school districts: Sanger Unified, Firebaugh-Las Delta Unified, Fowler Unified, Mendota Unified, Earlimart, and Kingsburg Elementary Charter. This partnership began with the visionary leadership of the local superintendents, who believe that by working together they can build the capacity and effectiveness of their individual systems and better serve their students.

2014-15 Early Literacy Project

The project will focus on the following inquiry questions through the first two years:

1) What are the best practices in instruction and assessment for TK-2 literacy and academic language development?

2) How do we build a shared and continuously improving system of assessment and support for TK-2 instruction and assessment?

Our Teams

  • District Design Teams
  • Executive Board
  • SCALE Up Staff
  • SCALE Up Data Leads


District Homepages

Click on your district to view news, resources, events, and member information for your school district as it pertains to SCALE Up. 

Earlimart Homepage 

Firebaugh Homepage 

Fowler Homepage 

Kingsburg Homepage 

Mendota Homepage 

Sanger Homepage 

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