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  • Elk Grove, October 2018: SCALE Up

Tuesday - Wednesday
October 2 - October 3

         Day 1: 10AM-5PM               Day 2: 9:00AM-3PM


The Falls Event Center, Elk Grove


Holiday Inn Express Inn and Suites, Elk Grove

9175 W. Stockton Blvd. , Elk Grove, California 9575


Please contact Jasmine with any questions.

During the Fall quarter, your CALLI district will work alongside California Education Partners staff on the following objectives:

  • Reviewed the requirements to become a “Collaborative Continuous Improvement District” and advance to CALLI 201 with Ed Partners staff and identified what they need to focus on in 2018-19 in order to meet the requirements.

  • Draft your Annual Improvement Design for 2018-19, including:

    • Revisit and confirm your 2019 claim-level student achievement target(s) (your 3-Year Goal);

    • Review your Improvement Approach from the first two years in CALLI and identify “Improvement Tests” for 2018-19 in each of the 3 pillars;

    • Develop your Monitoring and Learning Framework (formative assessment collection, analysis, and response strategies for 2018-19 including benchmarked interim assessments);

    • Plan for in-district “Reflection Cycles” (how are you meeting, who needs to be there and what you need to accomplish during each meeting over the course of the year.)

  • Begin work on your Case Study, focusing first on “Heart:” the culture and mindsets necessary to drive improvement in your district.




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