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Learn more about the leadership convenings by clicking on the links below. All information for the 2016-2017 year will be kept up to date in the individual collaboration spaces.

FALL: Set Annual Objectives - Tenaya Lodge

Early Literacy & SCALE Up:  September 15th - 16th

High School Mathematics:  September 19th - 20th

4-6 & Secondary Academic Language: September 21st - 22nd

WINTER: Check-In on Mid-Term Progress, Reflect & Revise - Burbank  

High School MathematicsJanuary 17th - 18th

4-6 & Secondary Academic LanguageJanuary 19th - 20th

Early Literacy & SCALE Up: January 23rd - 24th

SPRING: Reflect, Celebrate, Set the Stage to Repeat! - Lodi

4-6 & Secondary Academic Language: April 4th - 5th

High School Mathematics: April 6th - 7th

Early Literacy & SCALE Up: April 24th - 25th

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