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February 12, 2016


8:00am - 3:00 pm
Breakfast at 7:30am 

LocationDoubleTree by Hilton Sacramento
2001 Point W Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
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Twitter hashtag: #CALLILaunch

Welcome to the first CALLI Launch Session!

Check out all the resources from the convening below!

Please take time to look at your survey responses from the first CALLI meeting.



  • Surface CALLI-wide shared values
  • Generate ideas for a shared vision of success
  • Begin to develop a common understanding current systems
  • Explore the ingredients necessary for a successful launch process
  • Draft a Personal "Why"

District System Maps

Within your individual collaborations and in districts, you mapped your systems in relation to your problem statement along Messaging & Policies, People, and Tools & Resources.


CALLI Values

In cross-district teams, you spoke about values that drive you personally and professionally. The highest priority values were:

Tweet your activity and questions using #CALLILaunch


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