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Reception Dinner

Wednesday, May 11 on the Terrace at the Hilton Arden West

Drinks and Appetizer at 6:30pm, Dinner at 7pm

DateThursday, May 12, 2016

Hilton Arden West Sacramento

(*note this is a DIFFERENT venue (across the freeway) from launch meeting #1!) 

Twitter hashtag: #CALLILaunch

Thank you for attending the 4th launch session as the full CALLI family.

Find documentation and resources from the meeting below.



    • All participants understand the CALLI frameworks and why they are powerful levers of change

    • All district teams understand their work for next year and will also understand how and why their team is doing this work

    • All participants feel ownership and are empowered to take action towards realizing the achievement of their team’s success statement

Every CALLI participant wrote their personal why on an butterfly to signify the launching into the 2 year CALLI journey.

You expressed how talking with colleagues cross-district and across collaborations invigorated your team's work thus far.

The CALLI community really appreciates the relationships that are beginning to form with the many Thought Partners.

Check back in June for answers to your questions from the thought partners!

Tweet your activity and questions using #CALLILaunch

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