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Each district team will….

  • Share key learning and insights from your first cycle of learning

  • Work with thought partners to clarify your goals and strengthen your learning approach

  • Continue to deepen relationships and learn with fellow education leaders from across the state

Thought Partnership across the CALLI Community

Answer questions from your colleagues generated during the Learning Panel using the comment feature below.

To watch the full Learning panel, click here.

Stay tuned for answers from our expert thought partners as well!


1. Teacher cohorts are implementing Structured Collaborative Discussions and are utilizing a like rubric. They would like freedom in the "how" of using the rubrics (e.g. teachers use the rubric to assess students' discussions, students assess peers, or students assess themselves). Thoughts? 

2. Are there districts implementing the Mathematical Language Routines where a team could observe them in action? 

3. What are the most important structures we can put in place in schools that will promote critical thinking and discourse in math (or other subjects for that matter!) 

4.  It is common that we have very little time to do deep work. If we spend our time on our vision, we have less time to do the work. If we jump into the work without investing in the vision, people don't understand the "why." What are your thoughts on how to best use our valuable time. 

5.  Each CALLI partner consists of District Admin, site admin, TOSA's and teachers. Our vision/content/process, for the most part, is in place and the message, via PD, is being delivered to our prototype teachers. Only one site admin really knows the vision/content/process. How do you get word to admin?

Priority Learnings for 2017-18

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Learning Panel

Summer Summit


Tuesday, June 20th, 2017


Breakfast 9:30am

10:00am - 4:00 pm - Reception to follow


Paul Brest Hall (map for 20th and 21st)

Parking: Wilbur Field Garage

Hotel: Pullman San Francisco Bay


CALLI Teams including superintendents

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