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April 30 - May 2

7:00 - 3:00

April 30 - John Wash and Wilson 
May 1 - Del Rey and Jackson
May 2 - Sequoia and Jefferson


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Please contact JoDee with any questions.

TNTP is partnering with Sanger Unified to conduct site visits on April 30, May 1, and May 2 to engage in the following activities:  

  1. Observations of ELA classrooms 45 minutes to look for instruction that will support students to master grade level college and career ready standards

  2. Collection of five samples of student work for each teacher to look more deeply at the work students are being asked to do

  3. Teacher focus groups and school leader interviews to ensure the perspectives of key instructional staff as they relate to a vision for excellent instruction, materials and support are gathered

  4. Student shadowing, where 2-3 students will be selected from a school and followed to all classes throughout the day to provide a complete picture of their experience in all of their classes

  5. Debrief with participating CALLI members between each observation to discuss initial thoughts grounded in the observation tool and grade level standards

  6. Final Summary at the end of the day to begin to review  summary trends from the day as well as a debrief of the student shadowing effort

The data collected during the site visit will result in a report with key recommendations designed to drive district strategy and improve teaching and learning to support all students to meet their goals.

Sample Opt-in Times

7:00 - Breakfast and Information Session

8:15 - Lesson Observation 1**
9:00 - Lesson Observation 2
10:00 - Lesson Observation 3

11:00 - Lunch

12:00 - Lesson Observation 4
1:00 - Lesson Observation 5

2:30 - Review and Debrief 

3:15 - Adjourn

*This schedule is a sample that will be followed each of the 3 days at each school site

**Observation times will vary depending on bell schedule

***Wednesday is a minimum day and will end around 1:30

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