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DateMonday, November 7th, 2016 



Tulare County Office of Education - Sequoia Room located north of the main building

QuestionsContact your Ed Partner Lead
ExpensesUse your $10,000 stipend

RSVP District Participants by October 31st

This is our first CALLI Expert Opt-in to support your work in the Cycle of Learning

We will be deepening a vision of excellence for all K-6 students!

Session Powerpoint

Opt In 1 Handout Feedback Form

December 7 Virtual Learning with TNTP


Video Self-Guide

Opening (6:45)

Shift 1a: Complexity in Early Literacy (10:35)

Shift 1b: Assessing Complexity (25:58)

Shift 2: Use of Evidence (14:51)

Shift 3: Knowledge and Words (20:23)

Final Reflection and Next Steps (5:37)



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