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Thursday - Friday
September 26th - 27th

Day 1: 10am-5pm     Day 2: 9am-3pm


The Falls Event Center

8280 Elk Grove Blvd,

Elk Grove, CA 95758


Holiday Inn Express Inn and Suites

9175 W. Stockton Blvd.,

Elk Grove, CA 95758


Please contact Chris with any questions.

By the end of Fall convening, all districts will

  • practice an equity-centered mindset to ensure design and execution of their Improvement Plan supports students most in need in the Challenge Area

  • develop an Improvement Plan that will make progress toward their desired student aim between now and January 2020 that is informed by a focused and comprehensive understanding of the current reality of their system and student outcomes in the Challenge Area 

  • engage in collaborative actions and attitudes that leverage the expertise of individuals on their Improvement Team and other thought partners in the Collaboration

Thought  Partners Slide Deck

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