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DateThursday-Friday, April 6 - 7th, 2017

Day 1: 10am-5pm

Day 2: 8:30am-3pm

Please plan your travel accordingly


Wine & Roses, Lodi

NotesPlease contact Nick with any questions.



Twitter hashtag: #CALLIYear1

Thanks for a great Spring Convening! We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Summit.

You can find all follow-up work products, resources and more below...


By the end of the Phase III of the Cycle of Learning (end of the Spring Convening), each District Team will have:

  1. Reflected on evidence of the results of work to date across the three domains (including systems, classroom, and student level information);

  2. Surfaced and shared key learnings from evidence and the reflections on the year;

  3. Based on the evidence and reflections, revised its vision, objectives, implementation and monitoring approach as needed to begin the next cycle of learning.

Monitoring for Learning

Collection Structure → Reflection Process → Improvement Use

Your work from Spring has been added to your Implementation Plan Google Doc; continue to refine your Monitoring Approach:



The HS Math Community

Storytelling and Sharing across Districts

Watch each district's StoryCasts about their work this year and view photos of our time together below: 


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