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         Round 1 Improvement Tests

  • Refining & Prioritizing Learning Targets
  • Administration of CAASPP Interim

         Round 2 Improvement Tests

         Round 3 Improvement Tests

         Reflection Workspaces

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Jennifer Larsonjenlarsonandrews@nusd.orgDirector of Student Success
Vivian Leevlee@nusd.orgMath Teacher
Shelly Thelensthelen@nusd.orgMath Teacher
Kim Laabsklaabs@nusd.orgTeacher
Jim Larsonjlarson@nusd.orgPrincipal
Tina Schumikowskitschumikowski@nusd.orgAlgebra Teacher
Mark Simsmsims@nusd.orgPrincipal
Mark Brewermbrewer@nusd.orgPrincipal
Catherine Nam