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Mathematics Conferences



CA STEM Symposium - Anaheim, October 10 2016 

11:00am Monday


CMC - South - Palm Springs, November 4 2016

3:30pm Friday



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CA STEM Symposium Presenters

Nick Resnick, California Education Partners, Math in Common Program Manager

Emma Druitt, Garden Grove, Director K-8 Math Instruction

Mikila Fetzer, Sacramento City, Math Project Lead

CMC-S Presenters

Sam Weiss, California Education Partners, Program Associate

Sean Dishong, Garden Grove, K-8 Math Teacher on Special Assignment

Sara Goytia, Sacramento City, Elementary Math Training Spcialist

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Learning Outcome:

Participants will leave the session with a set of systematically aligned tools and emerging best practices which can be directly implemented to advance their district’s complex change efforts in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

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