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Prep Work Checklist

As the lead, please closely follow the following steps:

  • Survey: please fill out this survey by Friday, February 19th
  • Evidence Pulled Together: Please pull together in one place all team member evidence, related to your team’s prototype, which may support your team in synthesizing your findings and establishing next steps.
    *If you've already attached this evidence as part of your Innovation workspace for the Winter Convening, please write that in the comments below.
  • Innovation Workspace: Please review your 3 innovation pages for the Winter Convening and add any additional updated information in the comments below.  
  • Rubrics for reference: Download the rubrics for Vision, Process, Content and Innovation to review the context of the innovation work in the larger Community of Practice.

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Please contact Nick for any clarification or support.

Evidence Documents

Please name documents "Oakland D&I IV (add #)"

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document Oakland D&I IV.docx Feb 11, 2016 by Stacey Wang



  1. D&I Rubric Scores:

    D1: 2
    D2: 3
    D3: 3
    D4: 0 Stacey and I were both uncomfortable scoring something that we don't feel is a named district priority (bringing Design Thinking into District Math leadership work).
    Fall Action Steps:
    1. Determine two focus schools:
      + We've chosen 2 (KDA and Franklin), based on feedback and data review, and team consensus
      Only 1 formal observation (Franklin) so far. Scheduling has been very challenging. Slow progress
       Composition of team may change (Lars? Erik? Stacey transitioning out at end of year)
      evidence: Spring Innovator data and feedback; Focus School Selection chart we developed in the fall

    2. Engage in deep empathy work:
      + Started empathy visits in Jan. Plans for 3 more visits before D&I convening (empathy and support)
      ∆ we wish we had more time for observation and support
      evidence: meeting and observation notes

    3. Provide the support: Not there yet. Delayed but in progress.

    4. Extrapolate learnings: Not yet. Later in the spring