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Design & Innovation Institute I

Assessment to Inform Learning  January 5th, 2017  3:30-4:30 pm This webinar will address the power of effective formative assessment in supporting English language learner students to achieve the language and learning expectations of college- and career ready mathematics standards. In addition to highlighting specific practices of formative assessment that teachers use in their classrooms,…
Summative Assessment to Inform Learning - January 31, 2017 3:30p - 4:30p The final webinar in this series explores summative assessment policy and practice for English learners (ELs). In particular, Robert will examine key issues and opportunities in defining ELs, and in assessing ELs’ linguistic and academic progress under new math standards and corresponding English language proficiency standards.…

What is this strand of work? 

The Design and Innovation Opt-In Team is an opportunity for technology leaders to work together over the course of the year to create and test a theory of action about a specific challenge related to instructional technology and implementation of the CCSS-M. 

Through this work, district leaders will build their capacity to lead a design thinking cycle, in their local context, around a challenge related to CCSS-M implementation (aligned with their district's prioritized implementation goals). This process will include action research, developing a prototype, and testing a hypothesis. When challenges are determined, districts will engage in collaborative communities to ensure best practices and common pitfalls are being shared. After participating in this strand of work, district leaders will be equip with the knowledge, skills and mindset to continue identifying challenges and solving them through a lens of design thinking.

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