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CCSS-M Resources

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Executive Summary: Math Frameworks for California Public Schools

   Dr. Kanold's Resources

Click here to see his leadership and math task resource page >

HTLA Goal Resources from Summer 2014

Virtual Learning Series

Oakland, Rich Math Tasks
Oakland: The Power of Adults Grappling with Rich Math Tasks 

Watch this video showing Oakland educators being led through a rich math task, and find both the task and their implementation resources!

Oceanside, SMP Proficiency Rubric
Oceanside: Evaluating Students Level of Expertise with the Standards of Mathematical Practices

Watch this video around Oceanside's implementation of a SMP rubric, and find both the rubric and their implementation resources!

Santa Ana, CCSS-M Parent Engagement
Santa Ana: Common Core Family Engagement Projects

Watch this video around Santa Ana's amazing CCSS family projects, and find their implementation resources!

Design Thinking and Innovation Resources

 Fun 'Mathy' Cartoons and Videos

Laughter is a great learning tool! Use a video or comic to spice up your next email or PD! >

Community Recommended Resources

CCSS-M Curriculum

 Evaluating CCSS Unit/Lesson Tools
 Assessment Resources

SBAC Assessment Items

SERP Poster Problems (used by SBAC as exemplars!)

  • include 'Teacher Tune-up' explanations by experts to help teachers connect the problem to conceptual understandings
  • Only 6th and 7th grade
  • Videos on how to use them from Phil Daro and an SFUSD teacher

CORE Math Performance Assessment Modules

 Resources for Parents

Council of Great City Schools

  • 3-minute Common Core video for parents from the Council of Great City Schools
  • Parent Roadmaps: The Council of the Great City Schools has developed content and grade-specific parent roadmaps that provide detailed information for parents about the expectations of the Common Core in Mathematics. These roadmaps include examples of grade-level focus in the content area using parent-friendly language, sample progressions of learning across three grade levels in the Common Core, and tips to parents on communicating with teachers about their child’s work and how to support student learning at home. Grades K-8 and High school Parent Roadmaps for Mathematics have been posted and Spanish-language versions are available in grades K-8.

National PTA

CCSS Perception Surveys


 Videos of Math Instruction

Inside Mathematics

The Teaching Channel

Engage NY Video Modules

Next Vista for Learning

Math Reasoning Inventory Student Understanding Interviews

  • Videos to help teachers find out what their students really understand about mathematics. Marilyn Burns and her colleagues model these techniques with students. Over 80 video clips.

Why are we bothering with the CCSS? Phil Daro Presentation

Math assessment modules written by the CORE Standards, Assessment and Instruction group

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