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At the end of the Summer Principal Institute, you selected your High Leverage Team Actions for 2016-2017 and named your next steps to begin that work in your planning and implementation.

The next steps I will take are...


  • Talk with the principal and math teacher leaders to plan out our year with our assigned TSA.
  •  Look into the math frameworks and continue to deepen my own understanding of math. Very helpful to have had time to look at the units, and inspired me to take more time to do so before the school starts.
  •  Hold conversations with my instructional leadership team to incorporate formative assessment into the professional development scope and sequence.
  • Plan for rolling out PLCs around our math work, so that we have guaranteed, viable curriculum (and equity!) for all of our students.
  • Plan site and grade level support and tools to move teams forward in HLTA 1 & 2. Monitor progress through team reflections using the tools/rubrics provided.
  • I will work with the principal of the elementary school that feeds into my middle school to align HLTAs to support our common instructional shifts.
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