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 Click here to see the goals set by our participants for HLTA 5
DistrictGoalFirst Steps
Dinuba1) Establish purpose for homework.
2) Establish department wide policy for homework grading and use.
3)  Collaboratively create course specific, unit based, homework assignments.
Revisit purpose of homework with IF and Math teams.
Elk GroveTeachers will collaborate on math unit homework and work together during EO and planning days to align HW to units 1-5 during the first trimester.Introduce Math focus on common assessments and common homework assignments
Garden GroveAll teachers will follow the visionary math protocol in assigning homework, and will assign common homework at grade levels.1. Staff opening meeting will include mini training on visionary math homework.
2. ILT (Instructional Leadership Team) members will bring in homework assignments in order to analyze at our first release day together.
3. The new Tech Asst will develop a space on the school website to post math homework.
Garden GroveCreate vision statements for instruction and assessmentInclude the circle task in a staff meeting

Discuss purpose of homework at staff meeting
Long BeachMath teachers will have 4 release days during the 14-15 school year in which they will use a portion of the time to create common homework for each unit.1. Release day in September to decide on homework for the upcoming unit, spiraling standards so that they have repeated independent practice.
2. Email the homework for the unit to parent using School Loop.
Long BeachGrade Level teachers will collaboratively plan and develop common student "Independent Practice" in all subject matters.The Grade Levels will be provided planning time and will turn in their weekly plans to the principal to be reviewed.At the opening staff meeting the principal will provide professional development on Independent Practice and site expected homework protocols.
Long BeachProvide at least two examples of good homework samples for each unit.Create the example homework samples and have them posted for teachers.
Long BeachI would like to develop a common math homework policy school wide.  Because we are small my teachers will need to have buddies who teach other content area.Plan a meeting schedule for the department.

Try to have it in place for Unit 2
OceansideTo develop common understanding on homework protocols for each grade level.Set aside time during our PLC meetings in Sept. and October to discuss the first four questions from the protocol discussion tool. Develop consensus by grade level to address and develop unit by unit homework assignments and grading standards.
OceansideThis will be my first year at my new site so I may have to modify this as I better understand my assignment (Teacher on Special Assignment at Oceanside High School- it's like a Dean of Students position): One of my assignments is to work with the College & Career Center and I would like to work with teachers to begin to incorporate SAT questions into their lessons to better prepare our students for the SAT.I will meet first with the College and Career Center technician and develop a goal to increase our focus on our students taking the SAT and analyzing their results to see where we need to begin our focus (what types of math questions are they missing the most). I would then like to take this information to the Math Department Chair to begin discussions of how to incorporate these questions into the curriculum.
OceansideI will work with teachers on giving students meaningful homework that is relevant to the unit being taught.Talk to teachers about homework at one of our first staff meeings
SangerBy the end of the first trimester, PLCs will plan common homework for each unit.Give PLCs time to review their unit and allow for discussion on the unit homework assignments.
SangerFor the 2014-15 school year our school will analyze what "going over" homework is, set a weighted percent school wide for homework, post homework online, and discuss the purpose of homework.August- Purpose and Percent
Sept.- set up website
Oct-work on the communication piece of homework
SangerPLCs will use Collaborative Homework Assignment Protocol Discussion Tool to assist in developing Unit Homework assignments.Review Homework Units and review alignment to Protocol Discussion Tool.

Key actions will be to review:
Time impact on instructional minutes.
Grading / Scoring practices related to HW.
Response to HW based on student assessment data
Level of communication and response to HW units from stakeholders.
SangerGoal is to develop a school vision for our mathematics.
Goal is to ask the two questions for every lesson:
1.  What is the mathematical standard?
2. What is the mathematical practice?
Staff development.

Develop the mission as we practiced here at the workshop.
Make the mission part of our everyday language.
Make posters for all classrooms so that teachers keep them in the forefront.
Santa AnaBy June 2015, 85% of The grade levels 1st-5th will implement the use of common math homework.  This will be a huge task!Meet with with my grade level teams to review what learned.  Create instructional visions in math.
Santa AnaI will have my staff create their own math homework before the instruction of a math unit in the 2014-2015 school year.  This will be measured by my monitoring of the math homework during the year.Discuss math homework in our staff developments.

Definition of HLTA 5: Planning common homework (independent practice) assignments for the unit

"No more p. 238 5-57 the odds for assignments, no more 32 “drill and kill’ math worksheets, no more 90 minute homework assignments, no more going over homework the next day for 25 minutes of class, no more assigning homework at the last minute, no more students not knowing the answers and being able to check your work as you practice, no more homework filled with only lower level cognitive demand tasks! Homework will be worthy of our students’ best efforts? Right?." - Tim Kanold
Using effective homework protocols

1. Homework purpose: The primary purpose of homework is to allow the student the opportunity for independent practice on essential learning standards mastered in class. Homework can also provide a chance for the student to practice mathematical tasks that relate to previous learning standards or tasks that reflect prerequisites learning standards for the next unit.
2. Homework length of time: Think no more than 25-30 minutes K-5 and 35-45 minutes grades 6-12 of student time outside of class each day.
3. Homework problem set/task selection: Homework that provides review of previous work and helps to prepare for work to come has been linked to improved student achievement as well (Cooper, 2008).
4. Providing Homework answers:  When Students are provided answers to the homework problems they can check their solutions against the answers, and if their end result does not match the provided answer, they to rework the problem to find their error. In other words, students receive immediate and formative self-assessed feedback of their work (similar to what happens when playing an electronic game). Moreover, a compelling reason to provide students the answers to the homework in advance of the assignment is the time saved not giving out answers during the class period.
5. The role of homework in class: Once the homework to be assigned is determined (before the unit begins), your collaborative team’s discussion should focus on how the homework will be addressed in class, the type of feedback that will be given to students, and what will occur if students do not complete the homework. If most of the class time the next day is spent going over the homework then you lose the impact of successful independent practice on student learning. Your students may be choosing to wait to do homework problems, precisely because they know you will go over the problems the next day. Since the purpose of homework is independent practice, limit the amount of time given in class to grade, score, or go over the practice problems. These daily and unit processes and procedures should be consistent from teacher to teacher within your collaborative team.

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Collaborative Homework Discussion Questions - Teacher Team Tool.pdf