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DistrictGoalFirst Steps
DinubaDuring the year 2014-2015 I will get into all classes weekly looking for or asking about higher cognitive ability tasksBe in the classrooms and give immediate feedback
DinubaBy December of 2014-15 all grades will increase the level of cognitive tasks and balance them to a 35/65 ratio.Staff meeting to inform and explain
DinubaBy June 2015, all teachers will use high level cognitive demand tasks on a daily basis.Step 1:  Teachers will plan their units/lessons including the tasks they will have students work on.
Garden GroveI am a new principal and think that a great first step I getting to know my staff and set forth my vision is to establish a site vision for instruction with the participation and input from staff. This is something that I will plan during our first week back to school.1. Have teachers collaborate to create a site vision for instruction.
2.  Include this vision on weekly bulletins, collaborations, staff meetings... Throughout the year
Garden GroveI will use my team of TOSAs to provide support to teachers by helping them create high- level performance tasks.  I will convene a district 6-8 math leadership team to assist in this endeavor.Contact principals to identify a teacher leader to participate in the leadership team.
Garden GroveTeachers will collaboratively create 1-2 HLCDT for unit of study in mathematics. Students will engage in at least 1 HLCDT per unit.Introduce HLCDT at a staff meeting.
Explore tasks with cross grade level teams.
Provide collaboration time to develop tasks.
Develop clear expectations for implementation of tasks.
Garden GroveWill work collaboratively with my site assigned TOSA and Instructional Leadership Team to support teachers in developing cognitively challenging lessons as we move into the common core with a vision to reference and support progress.I will work with the staff to develop our site vision for math that supports the district vision.
I will continue to tie new initiatives to current practices to help the teachers not become overwhelmed...
Long BeachI will find and/or write a high-level demand task for each unit in 7th grade math.Find resources that discuss how to create high-level demand tasks
OceansideI will work to support sites in getting really clear about their vision of using cognitive-demanding tasks to promote that work in the site's PLCs/teacher teams.Work with district leadership team on approach to begin to make this work across system
Look at ideal state for PLC process and focus of work.
Identify narrow focus of work around math vision.
OceansideOur teams will use higher level cognitive demand tasks in mathematics throughout the school year.Share the goal and the rationale
Seek consensus on the ideal state
Assess current practice and plan (especially with the new units of study
OceansideI will integrate into my trainings for teachers and principals examples of and systems for creating and using higher level cognitive demand tasks to develop students understanding of math.Design my trainings with the above action in mind.
OceansideDuring the 2014-2015 school year I will develop, along with my leadership team, a protocol to informally observe teacher using higher-level-cognitive-demand tasks during their instructional day I order o provide teachers with timely feedback and support. This data will be used as formatively to make professional development decisions and to provide teachers with the opportunity to participate in professional learning activities that increase knowledge for teachers.I will meet with my site leadership team to begin work on a math vision for our school and will be consistent about delivering the message of the need for shifts in mathematical practices in order to give students leaning opportunities that are effective.
Sacramento CityDuring the 2014-2015 school year, teachers will creatt tasks that are aligned to mathematical practices.-grade level collaboration
-grade level teams identify non-negotiables
-practice writing tasks
-incorporate math journals
Sacramento CityBy the end of the 2015 school year, my staff will have created at least one assessment for their grade level and collaboratively graded it with their team.First we need to create our math vision.  Next we need to work with our curriculum map and new math adoption to create scaffolding questions and advancing questions around content.
Sacramento CityBy the end of the first trimester of school, all classwork, homework, and assessments will contain a 60/40 ratio of high-level-cognitive-demand tasks, with a gradual progression towards that goal starting immediately.Creating a vision for our mathematics practices and rating our current classwork, homework, and assessments for higher level cognitive demand tasks.
SangerEach PLC in the Mathematics department at Sanger High School will develop and implement high level cognitive demand tasks in each lesson of a unit.Provide training on task analysis guide.
Santa AnaThis year, we will establish a vision that identifies the adult and student behaviors focused on planning and implementing lessons using higher level cognitive demand tasks.Establishing a Vision for mathematics.
Professional development on higher level academic tasks and use of academic language.

Definition of HLTA 6: Using higher-level-cognitive-demand tasks

"Good tasks promote student demonstration of the mathematical practices and reasoning" - Tim Kanold

Tim's Task Resources:

The Task Analysis Guide - Teacher Team Tool.pdf

Differentiating In-Class Support for High-Level Demand Tasks Discussion - Teacher Team Tool.pdf

Differentiating High-Level Tasks Practice Problem - Teacher Team Tool.pdf

See also Tim's list of web resources for high-demand math tasks