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 Click here to see the goals set by our participants for creating and/or implementing their vision for CCSS-M Instruction and Assessment
DistrictArea of FocusGoalFirst Steps
Garden GroveAll of the above with building upon each otherI want to bring these thoughts about in steps and build upon each other to allow all departments to develop and learn from this allowing the team to gain the buy in, understand the process, and then collectively develop these actions for the follow two years.  However, it is fundamental that it is not overwhelming to them.  However, if each dept. worked on each area or two by a semester and build upon it.Working on the dept. vision is key.  I am at a new school site next year and much that you have provided can be utilized in all departments, not just mathematics.
Elk GroveBuilding stronger and effective PLCs.In the 2014 - 2015 school year, the grade level teams at Raymond Case Elementary School will operate as HFT using assessment data to guide instruction.Introduce highly effective PLC guidelines
Participate and support PLC meetings
Meet regularly with PLC leaders
Garden GroveCreate a shared vision, and PLC goals.Take advantage of opportunities to weave in what we have learned.  Some of the opportunities can be created, and others just happen and use the skills learned to resolve problems and push forward.Create a shared vision, and PLC goals.
Garden GroveCreating a vision for math department collaboratively with the math department - CC7 and CC8*Set a mutually determined date - Aug/Sept
*Collaboratively, create a vision for math instruction and monitoring *Use the "circle" activity to write a vision that is 18 words or less
*Determine whether any future ideas and/or  decisions will advance the vision
*Meet to write vision (Sept)
*Use the vision to measure ideas for instruction and monitoring (Sept)
*Create written documents to clearly list instruction and monitoring     processes (Sept/Oct)
*Hold each other accountable to carry out what is agreed upon (Oct)
Garden GroveDevelop school visionI will work to collaboratively develop a school vision in the areas of math and ELA.Meet with my principal to align our vision with the district vision and address our needs and passions.
OceansideHelp implement collaboration through twitter and video chat professional learnings and support.Develop schedules and moderators to enable teachers to participate in Twitter chats.  Two elementary grade levels will have scheduled chats weekly with at least 10 participants.  One Secondary grade level will have scheduled chats weekly with at least 10 participants.Encouraging twitter usage in all Chort training for bak channel communication.
Elk Grovelinking the four expectations, 65% rule, feedback ideas to my observation plan for next year. Sh1. Our school will draft a vision and focus all learning on how it matches the goals of that vision (focus on CCSS implementation)1. Meet with leadership to refine vision
2. Present to staff at preservice.
3. Get input, goals from staff
4. Establish dates to review/discuss/revise
Garden GroveVisionI will meet with my ILT Facilitators to begin the work on developing our school vision in the areas of ELA and Math.Whole staff meeting in August and collaborative create our vision.
SangerVisionI will ensure that all schools articulate a vision for high quality instruction.To communicate outcomes to all sites
Long BeachVision for instructioni will conduct a new principal professional development session to include creating a vision for instruction and assessment in August.1. Add agenda item for August training with new principals for establishing a vision for instruction/assessment
2. Add vision work to the culture building & teacher developer framework for new principals

Developing a Compelling Vision for Mathematics Instruction and Assessment

"Does your current school vision paint a picture that is better or worse than current practice? More or less appropriate? More or less energizing? More or less aspiring? Connecting your leadership vision and daily decision making to the sources that inform that vision and decision-making process is a first step in vision training." - Tim Kanold

Tim's Assessment Development Resources:

Personal Vision Worksheet.pdf

Moving Vision Into Action Worksheet.pdf

The Seven Stages of Teacher Collaboration Diagnostic Tool.pdf

Vision Circle Activity Slides

Our Vision Posters

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