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Connection to MiC Objectives: This Site Visit Consultancy aligns with our Math in Common CONTENT outcomes, specifically from our rubric “there is a district-wide use of tools and rubrics that help support teachers in understanding progress on these instructional shifts”.

Essential Questions: How can we utilize a student observation form, with calibrated observers, to identify growth in student to student discourse? Additionally, how do we make sense of the data and act on our findings?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Interested in Resources from Garden Grove's Site Visit Consultancy?


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  • Do you have something that could support Garden Grove's implementation?
  • Have you created anything internally as a result of your learnings?

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Notes from Peer Consultancy


1) By collectively reflecting on the day, we will offer the Garden Grove team suggestions [or questions to consider] that may lead to a more impactful Embedded Day experience for his teachers.  

2) After reflecting on the day, your team will be able to evaluate if this would be a useful strategy as you advance your district’s CCSS-Math implementation vision. 


Photo Gallery: Please click here for a photo gallery of this event

Survey Results: Please click here for a summary of the event's survey responses

Click here to see a Blog Post about the experience! *Coming Soon


  1. Keep the conversation going by adding comments here if you utilize, modify or replicate any approaches from the GGUSD Site Visit Consultancy! Mikila Fetzer Cara Kopecky Justin Pickens Dianne Willson Eileen Frazier Jeanne Iman Sara Goytia Julie Villeneuve

  2. We are in the process of modifying an observational evidence-gathering tool focused on implementation of conversation, specifically around SMP 3.  The experience with Garden Grove, and continued conversations with Elk Grove and WestEd have helped refine my thoughts around this evidence-gathering.  Thank you.  I pretty much need to continue the conversation.

  3. We are looking at using GG's Academic Discourse Tool in order to gather evidence from a sampling of schools.  We are considering adding a piece (possibly to use next year) from MQI in order to address quality of instruction.  The experience was very helpful for our team to see the tool and to practice it.  Thanks, Garden Grove!