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HOST: Oakland Unified School District

VISITING DISTRICTS: Dinuba Unified & Oceanside Unified 

Focal Areas:

-       Curriculum implementation consultancies (teacher leaders)

-       Formative Assessment Practices

-       Teacher Leader structure – how Oakland utilizes this structure to scale their CCSS-M implementation  


  • Arrive to Oakland by 3:30pm to participate/observe their Elem Teacher Leader monthly professional learning, which is from 4-6:00pm.

  • Tentative: From 6:30-7:30pm we will meet at a local restaurant  with a couple Oakland Teacher Leaders and Coaches, over wine and snacks, encouraging conversations around their teacher leader structure, curriculum development and implementation and formative assessment practices.  

  • MiC members will have dinner together to continue our learning conversations and build community.



  • Tentative: From 9-11am, Oakland’s leadership team currently has vertical articulation consultancies set-up for this morning. This is time where their K-12 math specialists meet to discuss standards, content and curriculum in relation to unifying approaches throughout the grade spans. Additionally, they discuss district-wide pedagogical shifts they hope to see throughout all math classrooms and how they can improve upon their current state with overall CCSS-M implementation. Our MiC guests will join these consultancies.

  • Tentative: Following lunch, we will engage in a consultancy around an Essential Question related to the above focus areas. We will provide Oakland critical feedback on their current approaches and each team will have “team time” to evaluate what they experienced and determine if any of the structures or learnings can be brought back to their district to help push their CCSS-M implementation priorities forward.

  • Our day would conclude by 3pm on Friday afternoon 

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