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Tuesday, January 26th, 2016



*Breakfast @ 8:30am; Lunch provided


81st Ave. Branch Library

1021 81st Avenue
Oakland, CA  94621

ParkingStreet parking available


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All resources, agendas and protocols will be posted below. Please make comments on the bottom of the page to interact before, during and after the Opt-In Site Visit Consultancy!

All logistical details can be found to the left.

Essential Questions:

  1. What might Lesson Study be a solution for? 
  2. How does Lesson Study cultivate a coherent, district-wide vision for mathematics learning, facilitate common understandings of prioritized instructional shifts, and build individual teacher and group capacity to enact those shifts? 
    1. For example, how can Lesson Study reveal information useful for improving student to student discourse?
  3. What needs to be in place for Lesson Study to be an effective strategy towards those desired outcomes? 


The purpose of this Opt-In experience is to help all attending districts make further sense of these essential questions with cross-district colleagues and provide learnings to support the effective design and implementation of Lesson Study across districts. 

Expert Adviser: 

Dr. Akihiko Takahashi, an Associate Professor of Elementary Math at DePaul University and President Board of Directors at Lesson Study Alliance, will be supporting this opt-in as a close advisor to Oakland Unified.




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