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Host: Oceanside      Collaborative Districts: Sanger, Elk Grove, Oakland 

Please find all of Oceanside's resources for their Embedded Day here. These may be modified for your particular visit. 

            Power Point Slides                             Participant Workbook 



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  • Do you have something that could support Oceanside's implementation?
  • Have you created anything internally as a result of your learnings?

Connection to MiC Objectives: This Site Visit Consultancy aligns with our Math in Common CONTENT outcomes, specifically focusing on building teacher capacity to implement formative assessment practices in their classroom.

Guiding Question: What does it really mean for our teachers to utilize daily formative assessment practices, as they relate to the Standards for Mathematical Practices?

Essential Question: How can we get all our teachers to actually utilize this High Leverage Team Action? What will it take? 

Notes from Peer Consultancy


1) By collectively reflecting on the day, we will offer the Oceanside team suggestions [or questions to consider] that may lead to a more impactful Embedded Day experience for his teachers.  

2) After reflecting on the day, your team will be able to evaluate if this would be a useful strategy as you advance your district’s CCSS-Math implementation vision. 

Photo Gallery: Please click here for a photo gallery of this event

Survey Results: Please click here for a summary of the event's survey responses

Click here to see a Blog Post about the experience! 

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