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We are excited about the kick-off of the official Opt-In Learning Strands for 2016-17!   Search for the "Opt In Learning Official Strands" page to learn more about getting involved.

What Should We Expect?  

  • Full Day Immersion
  • Multi-district collaboration 
  • Coherence with outcome approach
  • Examples: PD strategies 
  • Alignment w/ CCSS-M & SMPs
  • Team time -> develop next steps

What is this strand of work?

The purpose of the Site Visit Consultancy strand is for district leaders to work across district lines on a similar Essential Question that your district is grappling with in an effort to collaborate, learn and build implementation strategies together.

Throughout the year, we plan to conduct a series of Site Visit Consultancies, revolving around an Essential Question, related closely to your prioritized outcomes and our MiC objectives: Vision, Process and Content.

Our goal is that each district in our Community of Practice will host one Site Visit Consultancy a year. Please use the buttons below to share potential ideas.

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