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EdReports Mission is an independent nonprofit designed to improve K-12 education. We provide free, web-based reviews of instructional materials focused on alignment to the Common Core and other indicators of high quality as recommended by educators, including usability, teacher support, and differentiation. Our Consumer Reports-style reviews highlight those instructional materials that are aligned to the higher standards states have adopted so that teachers, principals, district and state officials charged with purchasing materials can make more informed choices. Long term,'s goal is to elevate the overall level of rigor and quality of instructional materials by helping more informed consumers – teachers and parents – demand better materials from those who supply the market.

Eric HirschAmy Weber-SalgoLauren Weisskirk
Eric HirschAmy Weber-SalgoLauren Weisskirk

Founding Executive


Director of Mathematics

Materials Review

Director of Partnerships

and Strategy
Twitter: @EdReportsTwitter: @EdReports  Twitter: @EdReports  

Interested in resources referenced on the call?'s Methodology: Curriculum Reviews for K-8 Mathematics 

EdReport's Tool: Quality Instructional Materials Tool for K-8 Mathematics 

EdReport's Webinar (not specific to MiC) 

Textbook Navigator out of Michigan State 

Powerpoint Presentation from Virtual Call Introduction: March 18th, 2015

Notes from Virtual Introduction Call 


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