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         Round 1 Improvement Tests

  • Engage willing Prototype and Pilot teachers on “What data and why”?
  • Maintain culture of inquiry, risk-taking, and support while engaging site admin in process.  (IL)
  • Students self-evaluating conversations (peer) using conversation analysis tool. These are the students from CALLI prototype and pilot teacher volunteer classes.
  • Revise Day 3 PD based on data feedback from Day 2 in context with a completely different audience.

         Round 2 Improvement Tests

         Round 3 Improvement Tests

         Reflection Workspaces

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Arturo Ortega

Assistant Superintendent

Dayna Mitchell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Sam Perdomo

Middle School Principal

Kimberly Dahm

High School Teacher on Special Assignment

Alicia Braaksma

Middle School Teacher on Special Assignment

Vicky Davis

High School ELA Teacher

Edward Lotz