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Date*date change* Friday, December 9th, 2016 

10am - 4pm


The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose


2nd and San Carlos Garage

San Jose McEnery Conv. Center


What is D&I 101?


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Design and Innovation 101 is a crash course in design thinking methodology and an opportunity for district innovation teams to prototype a solution for a specific focus related to their problem area of either mathematics, academic language or early literacy.

Who should be part of this work?

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District staff who are ready to take a beginner’s mindset, open to risk-taking and learning through play and practice. This innovation team should be interested in looking for a solution to a challenge that your CALLI leadership team has identified as integral to your vision, content and/or process focus in your problem space (Early Literacy, HS Math or Academic Language.

Learn more about the opportunity to participate in the Design & Innovation work!

Information for the Intro Workshop and D&I 101 overall can be found on this page.

Objectives for the Intro Workshop

By the end of the Intro Workshop...

    • Individuals will have learned and practiced design thinking mindsets and methodology

    • Teams will use design thinking methodology to better understand their system as it relates to their vision for their problem space (Early Literacy, HS Math or Academic Language)

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