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         Round 1 Improvement Tests

  • “Look fors”

  • Student reflection Survey
  • Teacher Reflection Survey

         Round 2 Improvement Tests

         Round 3 Improvement Tests

         Reflection Workspaces

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Tara Housethouse@ttusd.orgEL Coordinator
Hien Larsonhlarson@ttusd.orgPrincipal
Logan Malloneelmallonee@ttusd.orgAssitant Principal
Sonia Laneslane@ttusd.orgTeacher
Megan Rosenblattmrosenblatt@ttusd.orgTeacher
Annie Stefaniastefani@ttusd.orgTeacher
Chad Lindeenclindeen@ttusd.orgPrincipal
Valerie Simpsonvsimpson@ttusd.orgExectutive Director of Educational Services
Sydney Dionsdion@ttusd.orgDistrict Literacy Instruction and Design Coach
Kate Tellerkteller@ttusd.orgTeacher
Meara Mooneymmooney@ttusd.orgAcademic Coach