SFUSD-Stanford GSE Pathways Observation Protocol Starter Packet

August 2016

The SFUSD-Stanford GSE Pathways Observation Protocol was designed to be used to observe English Language Learner Instructional Practice in the English Learner Pathways at San Francisco Unified. This packet provides you with a training overview, practice modules, and the observation protocol itself. The Protocol was a product of a research project participating in the third year the Stanford University Graduate School of Education (GSE) Incentive Fund for Projects in San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The fund supports faculty research that is conducted in the context of a sustained and deep collaboration with SFUSD.

Navigating Through the Documents

Thank you for your interest in learning how to use the SFUSD-Stanford GSE Pathways Observation Protocol. This Starter Pack includes: 

  1. SFUSD-Stanford Measuring EL Pathways Presentation Video (1a) and Script (1b) 
  2. EL Pathways Observation Protocol (2a) and Guide (2b)  
  3. iWalk Download Instructions

1a. SFUSD-Stanford Measuring EL Pathways Presentation and Script (1b) 

This video provides background on the research study that developed the protocol and activities to practice application of the protocol.

1b. Observation Protocol Presentation- SCRIPT per slide

This script is for reference while watching the video to the left. 

2a. SFUSD Stanford GSE Pathways Observation Protocol 

This file is the observation protocol itself. 

2b. SFUSD - Stanford EL Pathways Protocol- GUIDE 

This file is the guide that provides an explanation of the descriptor and an observable example for each. Since the video only covers a portion of the protocol, it is important to fully review the guide before using the protocol during observations. 

3. iWalk Download Instructions 

  1. License required
  2. SFUSD employees-- please contact supervisor 
  3. Non-SFUSD employees-- contact Kevin Crotchett at 

Interested in downloading all files at once?

Download from this Google Drive Folder: 


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