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The Stanford-SFUSD Partnership began in 2009 when visionary leaders at Stanford, SFUSD and California Education Partners came together to improve the links between research and practice in San Francisco’s public schools.

From 2009-2013, the Stanford-SFUSD Partnership went from a happenstance relationship between a large urban district and a neighboring university, to a strategic partnership supporting research projects advancing teacher practice, leadership practice, policy decisions, and most importantly student outcomes. In the first four years, the partnership took these steps to improve relationships, access, agreements, and operations to lay the foundation for a long-term partnership.

  • Documented the links across the two organizations through a Partnership map
  • Convened an annual meeting and purposeful engagement around research findings
  • Formed a handshake agreement outlining the goals of the partnerships and the resources committed by Stanford, SFUSD, and, California Education Partners.
  • Warehoused school district data at Stanford and streamlining research agreements
  • Helped SFUSD sharpen their research agenda

In the four years following, from 2014-2017, the partnership implemented a set of new strategies aimed at three objectives:

  • Increase the number of Stanford researchers producing research that is more aligned and useful for SFUSD policy makers and administrators.
  • Improve and enhance events, coordination of projects, project tracking, and knowledge management of the partnership.
  • Produce research in shortened timelines while integrating that research into key SFUSD decisions.

To accomplish these objectives, the Stanford GSE committed to raising $1 million a year over five years to support partnership activities. The resources were used to support the following activities:

  • Establish Stanford Incentive Fund for Projects in San Francisco
  • Embed doctoral students into the San Francisco research department
  • Hire additional personnel to support engagement

By 2017, the Stanford-SFUSD Partnership had made these important impacts:

  • 100 project reports and articles are amassed by the Partnership
  • Over 50% of the faculty at Stanford GSE were involved in some way, shape or form with the partnership
  • Stanford-SFUSD research projects had become more aligned to the district’s priorities
  • Stanford-SFUSD research evidence was more often utilized by administrators in key decisions

Over the next two years, from 2018-2020, Stanford, SFUSD and California Education Partners are committed to continuing this partnership by following the objections and actions outlined in our Theory of Action & Strategic Plan

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