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Ed Partners is expanding our portfolio!

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This new collaboration will launch in January 2016 as a large “portfolio” of six to eight district-to-district collaborations across California, each sub-collaboration consisting of five to eight district teams. Each sub-collaboration will be focused on a specific problem of practice, derived from shared, high priority needs. At least three of the new collaborations will be regional; the others can be more regionally dispersed, relying more heavily on technology, including various forms of dynamic virtual learning. Through in person and virtual work, teams will go on an exciting, authentic, transformational journey of capacity-building and change. Over the course of two years, individuals and teams will engage in a dynamic learning and systems-change process that will allow them to learn new skills, refine tools and approaches, share best practices, implement dynamic new strategies, and to more effectively address the key challenges and opportunities of transitioning to the new California Standards, and, ultimately, inspiring and equipping all of our students for a successful transition to college and career.