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What progress is your team making toward your desired outcomes? As you reflect on your progress, identify the specific evidence your team has collected that back up your claims.  

This is your space to write about one or more of your desired outcomes. Feel free to use the below questions to structure your response. 

(1) What data, behavior indicators, or tools have been most useful and/or meaningful in making progress so far? 

(2) What surprises or unexpected barriers have emerged? What new questions have arisen? 

(3) What changes have you made to your desired outcomes approaches and why? 

By the end of the first two years of the grant work we realized it would be beneficial to organize our outcomes around a common theme. In our case, the theme that emerged was "advancing students' abilities to communicate their reasoning." The reasons we selected this theme include:

  • The SBAC results indicate our students in grades 3-8 performed poorly in claim 3 - communicating reasoning
  • Our district instructional focus states, "...students will demonstrate understanding of their learning both verbally and in writing..." 
  • Several of the SMPs indicate students abilities to communicate their understanding should be developed
  • We could design and employ an observation tool to collect data for all four outcomes based on students communicating reasoning



Is your district participation in this collaboration leading to programmatic improvements that will be sustained over time? What are they? Who has helped you get there (cross-district colleagues, experts, advisers)? 

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